The making of what we describe as “prints” involves the use of considerably more machinery. Our printer strives to meet a high standard, using a very fine screen designed for fine art reproduction.

All prints are printed on 100% pH neutral Ragcote stock, one of the world’s finest art printing papers. Each image is personally signed and numbered by Will Moses.

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Come Blow Your Horn

12" x 16"

Lying down on the job is never a good idea. Things will always go wrong! But it is a pretty nice day and who can blame Little Boy Blue?

Old Cronies

8" x 7.5"

Good friends, good conversations, good times!

Christmas Eve Service

7 1/2" x 12"

The moon is full and Christmas Eve Service has just finished up. Heading home with thoughts of a warm bed and visions of sugar plums dancing about in your head, you spy from the corner of your eye, jolly old St. Nick as he skirts over the tree tops. All in all, a night to remember.

Sunflower Bay

17 1/2" x 15 1/2"

17 1/2" x 15 1/2"

Well, who doesn't like sunflowers? A field of sunflowers is mesmerizing. Almost every gardener grows a few sunflowers for the birds but sunflowers are an important farm crop, yielding valuable oils and feed and best of all, sunflowers are beautiful. From the smallest, to the biggest and silliest flowers, they are some of my favorites!

Butterfly Meadow

15" x 18 1/2"

Nothing is more earthy and childlike than catching butterflies on a fine summer day! Put down the iPhone, get outside and enjoy the day.

Gypsy Circus - Print

17" x 24"

The great tradition of the circus... When I was a kid there was the fair and there was the circus and that was just about the highlight of the summer that we looked forward to each year. I can well remember the circus when it came to a nearby town and my father would take us down to see the great show. There was shooting, knife throwing, fire eaters and high wire acts. It was fantastic! What I remember best, was one summer the elephants got loose overnight and got in the local gardens. As I recall, cabbage was the favorite crop to loot. I don't recall if the Gypsy people were a big part of these particular shows or not but I do remember the Gypsies traveling through the area in their colorful caravans, drawn by fine horses, making small encampments as they went on their way to who knows where. It was a different time. Somehow I think we have lost a lot of color from our lives.

Snow In The Hills

9" x 12"

When those late days of autumn roll around, those days when the snow is in the hills and the sun yet shines warmly in the valley, this is the time we take pause and reflect, perhaps with regret or perhaps with satisfaction on the season passing and summon our courage to look forward with hope and confidence at the season approaching.

Cows In The Corn

16" x 20"

A bright sunny winter's day. What better time for the old cows to take a walk-about. Into a field of "late corn" they wandered and fed until they were content and happy. On such a nice winter's day who can blame them for their sassy behavior?

Red Moon Rising

16" x 20"

The full moon brings a season of new opportunity, harmony, hope and prosperity, which sounds like a pretty good idea!

Country Home

14" x 16"

Striving for excellence in their everyday work was a hallmark of our ancestors. The well run Country Home was generally a beehive of activity, taking what the land provided and using it to artfully craft what was needed to live a good life, a life of self reliance and independence. Perhaps we still have some lessons to learn from our forefathers.

Old Rivals

14" x 20"

RAH-RAH-RAH! The great thing about amateur games is that they are seemingly more subject to the natural imperfections of life, which in turn may greatly influence the direction a game goes. Bad ground, bad refereeing, dogs, and sometimes even cats can throw a game one way or another. It is the element of chance that I like.

Little Friends

8" x 10"

Childhood friends are the special friends that stay with us through our lives.

Dining Alfresco

14" x 16"

Every few years elections roll around and the poiticians begin their campaign of vague promises, shaky positions, outrageous claims, and unsupportable ideas. Apparently the Girls, who are in fact quite politically astute, while apparently more than a little impulsive, were not so fond of some of Congressman Al Fresco's views... Rolaids required!

Back To School - Print

14" x 20"

Looked forward to by some, dreaded by many, the first day of the school year is, if nothing else, a well remembered milestone in our march along the road of life.

Pumpkin Hook Sugar House

10" x 12"

We always look forward to the late winter when it is time to tap the maple trees, gather the sap and make maple syrup. There is nothing better than good maple syrup, it has a flavor and a quality that is all it's own. Back in the old days and even today it is a time for celebration, with plenty of hard work to be done, and everyone pitching in to help make the maple sugar.

Pumpkins On The Green

10" x 20"

The little village is alive with mischief and pranks as the trick or treaters prowl the town for treats all the while remaining on guard for tricks. The pumpkin contest is on the green. Halloween night is lots of fun, so enjoy it!

The Old Rugged Course

12" x 12"

I confess that I am not much of a golfer, (just not enough time.) However, I think the old rustic courses of Scotland would have the greatest appeal to me as they seem to offer the greatest challenge and potential for an all around good time as well as close proximity to the national beverage. Who wouldn't enjoy a rousing good-natured game on a course where livestock are obstacles? Other than the occasional encounter with a cow pie, I think it would be a great day out.

Crone's Cottage In Winter

13" x 17"

Appreciation, respect and understanding of the natural world is the work of the Crone. It can be risky too, as they sometimes run afoul of members from the more traditional and scientific community.

Husking Bee

16" x 12"

Part of the annual harvest was the Husking bee. Friends and family would gather round and husk the corn, making it ready for winter storage. While the work was hard, a little music and frolicking made the day a festive occasion.

Sugar Grove

12" x 18"

We have been sugaring this year and have really enjoyed it. It is a lot of work but the rewards exceed the effort, so I can't complain much. Also, the added bonus of fresh maple syrup on my pancakes is a great inspiration to get me out sugaring.

The Christmas Horse

12" x 14"

I think that just about every kid and half of all the adults want one. Well who can blame them, horses are great! Handsome to look at, fun to ride and they are bound to give you plenty of thrills! You know, sometimes, Christmas wishes do come true, so saddle up and for heaven's sake, be careful! Merry Christmas!

Wintery Gale

8" x 20"

When the winter winds blow fierce and the ice and snow build up on your boat, you know it's time to head in off the open sea and get out of the weather. The little harbor on such a day must have been a welcome sight to those old time mariners.

Coming Home From School

12" x 18"

When I was a kid, the best part of my day was coming home from school. Even now, I start to feel better about three in the afternoon.

Firefly Dance - Print

14" x 16"

Rosen up the bow and kick up your heels at The Firefly Dance. Dancing is OK but in my opinion, chasing fireflies is better. There is much less pressure to perform to high expectations. When I was a kid, we would catch lightning bugs in the late summer evenings, then lay in the grass and watch for stars.

Walden Pond In Winter

8" x 22''

I have to give Thoreau credit; he understood the value of property and a good name, I wonder if he would have achieved his celebrated stature if he had built his cabin on Sucker Pond? In any event, life in the woods must have been kind of lonely for Henry. Do you suppose as I do, that Louisa May Alcott (fact: Thoreau liked Little Women) ever came to call with a bottle of wine, Brie and plaid blanket? Let's hope so, it probably would have been good for both of them.

Take Me Down To The Water

10" x 12"

Take me down to the water and baptize me in the old fashioned way. Well I can't promise you that this print will keep you from a life of sin or redeem you from your sins, but then again, it can't hurt - so you decide!

Visiting Grandma

14" x 12"

Nothing was ever more fun than a day at Grandma's house!

O Christmas Tree

14" x 16"

A clear, crisp, Christmas Eve. The best weather and the best evening for cutting the tree and traveling back to the old home place for Christmas Day.

Four O'Clock Train

14" x 22"

One of the most loved sounds the world around is the whistle of a steam locomotive. In the old times the train depot was the hub of a community and when the train came in things certainly did spring to life. Toot! - Toot!

Moose Woods

8" x 10"

Lurking along the shore of a remote lake, nestled among the shadows of the setting sun, you can just make him out - the king of the north woods. The great bull moose! What a magnificent sight he is!

Down In The Valley

16" x 20"

Down in the valley you can hear the old saw mill sing and smell the fresh sawn lumber as it is stacked. In the millpond there lurks more than one lunker and over on the lawn, cats, kittens, and little girls are having a time of it - deciding - just who is in charge. Down in the valley is not a bad place to be!

The Blacksmith Shop

12" x 14"

The old Blacksmith shop was the hub of a community. Folks from far and near would gather around the smoky forge, sharing the latest news, gossip and game of checkers. How the poor blacksmith ever got anything done with all that company, is unknown. However, it is well to remember the blacksmith was an artisan and a showman and like all artists, he craved an appreciative audience.

Balloons Over The Cambridge Valley

18" x 14"

This image was originally painted as a commemorative poster for the first annual Cambridge Valley Balloon Festival, held in June of each year. I have had so many people ask for it, that I decided to release it as a limited edition fine art print.

Free Spirits

9 1/2" x 24"

“Life was vivid and pulsing; nothing was casual or commonplace. The Indian lived—lived in every sense of the word—from his first breath to his last breath.”
Chief Luther Standing Bear—Teton Sioux

School Daze

10" x 12"

School is an experience we all share. Some of us liked it and some of us didn’t. Either way, the memories are vivid, and most likely everyone can remember a day about like the one in School Daze, when the day just didn’t go as planned!

Port Moonbeam - Print

16" x 24"

The moon has a powerful impact on the tides and people. No telling what sort of mischief folks around Port Moonbeam will get up to when the moon is full.

Dr. Moses Stops By

9" x 11"

Once-upon-a-time the doctor came to see you. Of course, in the case of Dr. Moses, it might well be the only way he ever got any business. On the other hand, with his manly whiskers, robust good looks and arty style, I suppose it is possible that his patients looked forward to his visit.

Angling Ladies

6" x 15"

These sports seem to be having a good time!

The Perfect Halloween Gift!/strong>

The Old Landing Strip

16" x 22"

The wind in your hair and the bugs in your teeth! Wouldn't it be great to fly in one of these wonderful old planes?

Look Out For Mr. Stork

10" x 12"

Here is the straight poop on having babies; its a snap and they are hardly any work at all, really, the stork does most of the hard stuff - honest.