Serigraphs, you might say are “built”. Each color is individually laid down; one at a time, on the paper or canvas just as was done when the original was painted. This may require 80, 90, 100 or more colors to complete, each individually squeezed through a silk screen template onto the waiting paper. The result is an entirely hand made graphic image that has many of the qualities of an original painting.

Each serigraph edition has a separate artist's proof edition. The size of this edition is 10% of the regular edition. Artist's proofs are a long standing tradition in printmaking. Originally this was how artists derived part of their compensation for their art, as the primary edition was owned and sold by the publisher. From a print collector's view, an artist's proof is highly desirable as it is considered to be directly from the artist's personal collection. There is no difference in the quality between the artist's proof and the regular edition, and each is designated specifically as an artist's proof and is personally signed, numbered and titled by Will Moses.

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9" x 12"

This is simply too embarrassing to write about!

Snowy Sunset

17" x 21"

It always seemed to me the best time for sledding was late in the day. The temperature would drop, the sky would grow dusky in the approaching twilight and the sledding seemed a little more dangerous in the gloaming. But the falling sun also signalled the end of the day and the likelihood that a warm fire and a hearty supper would soon be close at hand.

Blustery Day

14" x 20"

The sun doesn't always shine bright and warm. Sometimes the wind blows harsh and cold and the snow swirls and stings. It might be easier to stay in bed but we don't. We continue to work, create, shop, go to school and carry on. We are sprung from the sea, the rock, the land. We may suffer from erosion on occasion but we always keep going forward.

Checkered House Moon

16" x 20"

It's Christmas Eve and the carolers are in good spirits and excellent harmony. Just over Oak Hill you can make out Old Saint Nick himself sailing down the valley with his sleigh brimming with toys. Christmas comes but once a year and I have always looked forward to it. When I was little my grandfather told me if I cut the toe out of my Christmas stocking, Santa Claus would keep putting presents in trying to fill it. I did - my mother was not happy!

The River Of Life

16" x 28"

(Moses goes philosophical) Life is a journey and while everyone's life is different, we all share many similar high points and low points, joys and sorrows, victories and defeats. And like the river of life, our lives continue to flow on regardless, sometimes within the banks and sometimes not. Maybe the best we can do is learn to appreciate the good times and become stronger from the lessons of the bad times. Because the way I see it, when you're dead, you are likely to be that way for a long time. So, cheer up and get going while you still can and remember to collect art along the way!

Dashing Through The Snow

18" x 24"

The snow has stopped falling and ice on the creek is frozen hard. It is one of those near perfect winter days when it seems everyone is out and about. Some are busy feeding sheep and some tending to cattle while others are skating and still others are dashing through the snow with their favorite horse and sleigh, enjoying the simple pleasures of life in the country.

Fox And Geese

14" x 20"

Fox and Geese is a pleasant and cheery old time quilt pattern. However, in the animal kingdom, incompatible personalities are certain to make the feathers fly.

Take Me Out To The Ballgame

18" x 26"

"Take Me Out To The Ball Game" - whether you are in the city or the country there never was a better way to spend a summer day than to watch the hometown heroes battle with the brutes from away. Peanuts, popcorn, and Cracker-Jacks, the old ball game is about as American as you can get.

To All A Good Night

14" x 22"

"To All A Good Night" - an odd title for an anniversary serigraph? What does it all mean? Who knows? Just take the time to enjoy your family, life and the simple pleasures, like this special serigraph.

Market Day

18" x 20"

Before Wal-Mart there used to be small towns with vibrant town centers where people knew their neighbors and on market day, folks would even come together and buy or trade things made right here in this country. Hand made products like fresh preserves, produce, quilts and furniture were available, even food on the hoof. Sometimes it's hard to see all the progress we have made.

Visiting Moose

9" x 14"

What could be more interesting than to look out of your window on a crisp winter morning and to see a moose pawing in the yard? It sort of puts bird watching in a different perspective.

*Less than 1/3 edition remaining.

Crack-Up Corner

13" x 18"

High spirited boys, old bicycles, and a steep curvy road with chickens at the bottom, you just know there is going to be trouble at Crack-Up Corner.

Christmas Is Coming To Town

16" x 24"

Christmas is coming to town — A chance to wish neighbors happy holidays, sing a few carols, take part in the Christmas pageant and celebrate with good cheer. Just a few of the things that make Christmas special.

Hop The Train

8" x 22"

This band of adventurers had better get a move on or their next chicken dinner will be courtesy of the sheriff!

Ice Pond

14 1/2" x 16 1/2"

In the old days if you wanted a cold drink in July you had better hope that somebody made the ice in January. I really like the mellow color tones of winter, the light is different and to me, quite pleasing. The sheep in the foreground are just about lost in the dusky light of this winter day.

Snowy Cabin

8" x 10"

The idea of a little log cabin in the woods with snow falling and black bears pillaging the bee hives appeals to my Nordic disposition.

Graduation Day

8" x 20"

Graduation day is always a milestone and I can imagine what a big day it was for this old country school, especially with the photographer on hand to immortalize the day.

Mama's Kitchen

10" x 14"

Mama’s good cooking had the love baked right into it. You can see why.


6" x 18"

Back in the old days news and gossip were pretty much by word of mouth. So when folks encountered one another as these fellows have done, it was only natural to stop and have a gab session for a while. Who brings the coffee and doughnuts?

Church Christmas Tree

14.5” x 16.5”

Christmas certainly is just about here, the trains are full and the valley is all a buzz with holiday merriment. The Church tree has been freshly cut and with any luck it will meet the approval of the tree committee.

Thanksgiving In The Country

12" x 18"

Some of my favorite things are in this painting. A simple country scene with the warmth of family and friends coming together to enjoy the great day, each other, and best of all, real farm raised turkey. Yummy yum!

Skating On The Swan Pond

14" x 17"

The winter air is cold and the moon shine is bright. The ice is as clear as crystal and smooth as glass. Why, you can see fat trout in the waters below as you glide across the old Swan Pond with your sweetie. A rare night for your memory book!

The Garden Club

10" x 14"

The Girls are having a grand time in the amazing garden of one of the sisters. The tea is a little stronger than you might suspect and some of the flora seems to hold unusual attractions. This Garden Club manages to stir things up, proving that once in a while, Girls just want to have fun!

Checkered House Christmas

16" x 24"

The Checkered House really did exist. In fact it was only about 3 miles from our house here in Eagle Bridge. Grandma Moses painted several Checkered House paintings and no wonder; the colors, subject and countryside make for a cheery and lively painting.

Moon Glow

16" x 22"

Every winter, it seems there is a rare night or two when the moon is bright and the snow and air are crisp, clean and cold. What a night to be outside. A night to throw back your head, howl and celebrate being alive!

Wedding In The Hills - Serigraph

14" x 20"

Some people get real serious about weddings and spend an awful lot of money putting them on. Lighten up! You’re still going to have surprises and even some “Issues.” Moses says, “save your money and use it to buy art for your new home.”


14" x 17"

The hills seem to come alive and everything may not be what it seems when the spirit of the Halloween hallabaloo is upon us.

Christmas Cove

19" x 15"

...a place where we can all still believe.

Sugar Snow

16" x 22"

This painting is loosely based on some of our local country. In fact, one of the farms depicted is the place where Sharon and I lived the first year we were married and another is Sharon's grandparent's home. And those steep old hills are where we still tramp around, when we get the chance.

Haymaker's Moon

15" x 20"

Warmed by the light of the moon
And stoked by the heat of passion,
Lunar love smolders a smoky glow
That never will be found out of fashion. (Anon.)

Family Reunion

16" x 22"

We seem to be living in a time when perhaps, we tend to think more about families and friends. Maybe it wouldn’t be such a bad idea to have a family reunion. They don’t always work out and somebody usually goes away mad but then again, it is family we are dealing with, so we probably should consider this a complete success!

Winter Joy Ride

18" x 22"

A winter delight—Out for a joyride, pulled by your best horse through new fallen snow on a crisp winter day. Away you go sleighing from farm to farm, visiting with neighbors, enjoying a warming drink before you make one last dash for home, a warm supper and a snug feather bed. One of the simple pleasures from our past.

Seven Little Princes

20" x 18"

Where have all the good men gone is not the question. The question is; where can you get a good one? Well, just as the old maxim decrees “If you want it done right, you have to do it your self.” Build one at home just like these girls are doing. It very well may be the only sensible way to go and if it doesn’t work out, well, who is going to miss a frog or two? Good luck!

Sunday Evening

13" x 25"

Sundays are different somehow or at least they used to be before the mall decided to stay open seven days a week. A day of rest is not a bad idea. We all need to recharge and take time to enjoy the simple pleasures that hearth, home, family and friends can provide.

Springtime In Bullfrog Hollow

22" x 24"

Spring in the country is a wonderful thing. The new leaves are out, the earth is warming up and the landscape is at its most varied. A great time to travel, see the sights. And just for the fun of it, tour up through the Hollow some spring day and listen to the croaking bullfrogs telling jokes...gems such as; “What kind of shoes do frogs wear? - Open toad, naturally!” or “Waiter...Waiter...Do you have frog legs? - No!...I just walk this way!” Bullfrog Hollow is a very funny place.

Trout Fishing In Vermont

18" x 24"

My father always took us trout fishing in Vermont. He loved to fish and could catch more fish than anybody ever had a right to. Fishing in Vermont was just about his most favorite thing to do, so I guess this one is for him.

Lighthouse Point

18" x 13"

I like the sea, I have no idea why, I just do. So, every now and then I paint a picture just to indulge this particular fancy.

Thanksgiving Day

16" x 24"

Thanksgiving is the one holiday everyone seems to agree on. No matter how hard things seem at the time, everyone needs to take an occasional day to reflect on the blessings they have. Too preachy? O.K. then... just pass the turkey!

Summer Breeze

14" x 26"

It's been one heck of a year! Take a break and recharge at the beach! Relax, catch some sun and let the summer breeze take you away.

Happy Birthday

20" x 18"

Everyone deserves a day to call their own. A day with cake, ice cream, friends, horns and drums. A day just for you! So, Happy Birthday to you with many more to come.

Frosty Air

16" x 14"

Oh, when the air is frosty and cold, it can be one of the very best times to be outdoors. Whether you are sledding, building a snowman or doing chores around the homestead, clean cold air is purifying to the soul and when you do come in where it is warm, you appreciate it ever so much more.

Celtic Wedding

10" x 14"

What can I say? Perhaps I am still a romantic. In any event, I am almost certain plaid is my favorite color and once in a while I do a painting for myself!

Hometown Jubilee

18" x 26"

Take part in the celebration of Hometown America. The good, the bad, the funny and the unfortunate, the lucky and not so lucky. All the rhymes and rhythms that makes growing up in a small town with real character, worth remembering.