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Country Home

14" x 16"

Striving for excellence in their everyday work was a hallmark of our ancestors. The well run Country Home was generally a beehive of activity, taking what the land provided and using it to artfully craft what was needed to live a good life, a life of self reliance and independence. Perhaps we still have some lessons to learn from our forefathers.

Mama's Kitchen

10" x 14"

Mama’s good cooking had the love baked right into it. You can see why.

School Daze

10" x 12"

School is an experience we all share. Some of us liked it and some of us didn’t. Either way, the memories are vivid, and most likely everyone can remember a day about like the one in School Daze, when the day just didn’t go as planned!

Visiting Grandma

14" x 12"

Nothing was ever more fun than a day at Grandma's house!