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Angling Ladies

6" x 15"

These sports seem to be having a good time!

The Perfect Halloween Gift!/strong>

Crone's Cottage In Winter

13" x 17"

Appreciation, respect and understanding of the natural world is the work of the Crone. It can be risky too, as they sometimes run afoul of members from the more traditional and scientific community.

Dining Alfresco

14" x 16"

Every few years elections roll around and the poiticians begin their campaign of vague promises, shaky positions, outrageous claims, and unsupportable ideas. Apparently the Girls, who are in fact quite politically astute, while apparently more than a little impulsive, were not so fond of some of Congressman Al Fresco's views... Rolaids required!

Girl's Night Out

All are open editions.

The Perfect Halloween Gift!

Old Cronies

8" x 7.5"

Good friends, good conversations, good times!

Seven Little Princes

20" x 18"

Where have all the good men gone is not the question. The question is; where can you get a good one? Well, just as the old maxim decrees “If you want it done right, you have to do it your self.” Build one at home just like these girls are doing. It very well may be the only sensible way to go and if it doesn’t work out, well, who is going to miss a frog or two? Good luck!

The Garden Club

10" x 14"

The Girls are having a grand time in the amazing garden of one of the sisters. The tea is a little stronger than you might suspect and some of the flora seems to hold unusual attractions. This Garden Club manages to stir things up, proving that once in a while, Girls just want to have fun!

The Pumpkin Vine Bewitching Card Collection - SET Q

Card size 5 1/2" x 7"

If you enjoy spooky, moonlight scenes, you will love this boxed collection of Bewitching note cards. A great way to send invitations for your Halloween party or just cast enchanting spells on your special friends!

6 of each scene per box, 24 cards and 26 envelopes.