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Angling Ladies

6" x 15"

These sports seem to be having a good time!

The Perfect Halloween Gift!/strong>

Back To School - Print

14" x 20"

Looked forward to by some, dreaded by many, the first day of the school year is, if nothing else, a well remembered milestone in our march along the road of life.

Celtic Wedding

10" x 14"

What can I say? Perhaps I am still a romantic. In any event, I am almost certain plaid is my favorite color and once in a while I do a painting for myself!

Come Blow Your Horn

12" x 16"

Lying down on the job is never a good idea. Things will always go wrong! But it is a pretty nice day and who can blame Little Boy Blue?

Coming Home From School

12" x 18"

When I was a kid, the best part of my day was coming home from school. Even now, I start to feel better about three in the afternoon.

Country Home

14" x 16"

Striving for excellence in their everyday work was a hallmark of our ancestors. The well run Country Home was generally a beehive of activity, taking what the land provided and using it to artfully craft what was needed to live a good life, a life of self reliance and independence. Perhaps we still have some lessons to learn from our forefathers.