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Blustery Day

14" x 20"

The sun doesn't always shine bright and warm. Sometimes the wind blows harsh and cold and the snow swirls and stings. It might be easier to stay in bed but we don't. We continue to work, create, shop, go to school and carry on. We are sprung from the sea, the rock, the land. We may suffer from erosion on occasion but we always keep going forward.


9" x 12"

This is simply too embarrassing to write about!

Checkered House Christmas

16" x 24"

The Checkered House really did exist. In fact it was only about 3 miles from our house here in Eagle Bridge. Grandma Moses painted several Checkered House paintings and no wonder; the colors, subject and countryside make for a cheery and lively painting.

Checkered House Moon

16" x 20"

It's Christmas Eve and the carolers are in good spirits and excellent harmony. Just over Oak Hill you can make out Old Saint Nick himself sailing down the valley with his sleigh brimming with toys. Christmas comes but once a year and I have always looked forward to it. When I was little my grandfather told me if I cut the toe out of my Christmas stocking, Santa Claus would keep putting presents in trying to fill it. I did - my mother was not happy!

Christmas Cove

19" x 15"

...a place where we can all still believe.

Christmas Eve Service

7 1/2" x 12"

The moon is full and Christmas Eve Service has just finished up. Heading home with thoughts of a warm bed and visions of sugar plums dancing about in your head, you spy from the corner of your eye, jolly old St. Nick as he skirts over the tree tops. All in all, a night to remember.

Christmas Is Coming To Town

16" x 24"

Christmas is coming to town — A chance to wish neighbors happy holidays, sing a few carols, take part in the Christmas pageant and celebrate with good cheer. Just a few of the things that make Christmas special.

Church Christmas Tree

14.5” x 16.5”

Christmas certainly is just about here, the trains are full and the valley is all a buzz with holiday merriment. The Church tree has been freshly cut and with any luck it will meet the approval of the tree committee.

Cows In The Corn

16" x 20"

A bright sunny winter's day. What better time for the old cows to take a walk-about. Into a field of "late corn" they wandered and fed until they were content and happy. On such a nice winter's day who can blame them for their sassy behavior?

Crone's Cottage In Winter

13" x 17"

Appreciation, respect and understanding of the natural world is the work of the Crone. It can be risky too, as they sometimes run afoul of members from the more traditional and scientific community.


6" x 18"

Back in the old days news and gossip were pretty much by word of mouth. So when folks encountered one another as these fellows have done, it was only natural to stop and have a gab session for a while. Who brings the coffee and doughnuts?

Dashing Through The Snow

18" x 24"

The snow has stopped falling and ice on the creek is frozen hard. It is one of those near perfect winter days when it seems everyone is out and about. Some are busy feeding sheep and some tending to cattle while others are skating and still others are dashing through the snow with their favorite horse and sleigh, enjoying the simple pleasures of life in the country.

Dr. Moses Stops By

9" x 11"

Once-upon-a-time the doctor came to see you. Of course, in the case of Dr. Moses, it might well be the only way he ever got any business. On the other hand, with his manly whiskers, robust good looks and arty style, I suppose it is possible that his patients looked forward to his visit.

Four O'Clock Train

14" x 22"

One of the most loved sounds the world around is the whistle of a steam locomotive. In the old times the train depot was the hub of a community and when the train came in things certainly did spring to life. Toot! - Toot!

Free Spirits

9 1/2" x 24"

“Life was vivid and pulsing; nothing was casual or commonplace. The Indian lived—lived in every sense of the word—from his first breath to his last breath.”
Chief Luther Standing Bear—Teton Sioux

Frosty Air

16" x 14"

Oh, when the air is frosty and cold, it can be one of the very best times to be outdoors. Whether you are sledding, building a snowman or doing chores around the homestead, clean cold air is purifying to the soul and when you do come in where it is warm, you appreciate it ever so much more.

Ice Pond

14 1/2" x 16 1/2"

In the old days if you wanted a cold drink in July you had better hope that somebody made the ice in January. I really like the mellow color tones of winter, the light is different and to me, quite pleasing. The sheep in the foreground are just about lost in the dusky light of this winter day.

Lighthouse Point

18" x 13"

I like the sea, I have no idea why, I just do. So, every now and then I paint a picture just to indulge this particular fancy.

Moon Glow

16" x 22"

Every winter, it seems there is a rare night or two when the moon is bright and the snow and air are crisp, clean and cold. What a night to be outside. A night to throw back your head, howl and celebrate being alive!

O Christmas Tree

14" x 16"

A clear, crisp, Christmas Eve. The best weather and the best evening for cutting the tree and traveling back to the old home place for Christmas Day.

Pumpkin Hook Sugar House

10" x 12"

We always look forward to the late winter when it is time to tap the maple trees, gather the sap and make maple syrup. There is nothing better than good maple syrup, it has a flavor and a quality that is all it's own. Back in the old days and even today it is a time for celebration, with plenty of hard work to be done, and everyone pitching in to help make the maple sugar.

Skating On The Swan Pond

14" x 17"

The winter air is cold and the moon shine is bright. The ice is as clear as crystal and smooth as glass. Why, you can see fat trout in the waters below as you glide across the old Swan Pond with your sweetie. A rare night for your memory book!

Snowy Cabin

8" x 10"

The idea of a little log cabin in the woods with snow falling and black bears pillaging the bee hives appeals to my Nordic disposition.

Snowy Sunset

17" x 21"

It always seemed to me the best time for sledding was late in the day. The temperature would drop, the sky would grow dusky in the approaching twilight and the sledding seemed a little more dangerous in the gloaming. But the falling sun also signalled the end of the day and the likelihood that a warm fire and a hearty supper would soon be close at hand.

Sugar Grove

12" x 18"

We have been sugaring this year and have really enjoyed it. It is a lot of work but the rewards exceed the effort, so I can't complain much. Also, the added bonus of fresh maple syrup on my pancakes is a great inspiration to get me out sugaring.

Sugar Snow

16" x 22"

This painting is loosely based on some of our local country. In fact, one of the farms depicted is the place where Sharon and I lived the first year we were married and another is Sharon's grandparent's home. And those steep old hills are where we still tramp around, when we get the chance.

Thanksgiving Day

16" x 24"

Thanksgiving is the one holiday everyone seems to agree on. No matter how hard things seem at the time, everyone needs to take an occasional day to reflect on the blessings they have. Too preachy? O.K. then... just pass the turkey!

Thanksgiving In The Country

12" x 18"

Some of my favorite things are in this painting. A simple country scene with the warmth of family and friends coming together to enjoy the great day, each other, and best of all, real farm raised turkey. Yummy yum!

The Blacksmith Shop

12" x 14"

The old Blacksmith shop was the hub of a community. Folks from far and near would gather around the smoky forge, sharing the latest news, gossip and game of checkers. How the poor blacksmith ever got anything done with all that company, is unknown. However, it is well to remember the blacksmith was an artisan and a showman and like all artists, he craved an appreciative audience.

The Christmas Horse

12" x 14"

I think that just about every kid and half of all the adults want one. Well who can blame them, horses are great! Handsome to look at, fun to ride and they are bound to give you plenty of thrills! You know, sometimes, Christmas wishes do come true, so saddle up and for heaven's sake, be careful! Merry Christmas!

To All A Good Night

14" x 22"

"To All A Good Night" - an odd title for an anniversary serigraph? What does it all mean? Who knows? Just take the time to enjoy your family, life and the simple pleasures, like this special serigraph.

Walden Pond In Winter

8" x 22''

I have to give Thoreau credit; he understood the value of property and a good name, I wonder if he would have achieved his celebrated stature if he had built his cabin on Sucker Pond? In any event, life in the woods must have been kind of lonely for Henry. Do you suppose as I do, that Louisa May Alcott (fact: Thoreau liked Little Women) ever came to call with a bottle of wine, Brie and plaid blanket? Let's hope so, it probably would have been good for both of them.

Winter Joy Ride

18" x 22"

A winter delight—Out for a joyride, pulled by your best horse through new fallen snow on a crisp winter day. Away you go sleighing from farm to farm, visiting with neighbors, enjoying a warming drink before you make one last dash for home, a warm supper and a snug feather bed. One of the simple pleasures from our past.

Wintery Gale

8" x 20"

When the winter winds blow fierce and the ice and snow build up on your boat, you know it's time to head in off the open sea and get out of the weather. The little harbor on such a day must have been a welcome sight to those old time mariners.