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Blustery Day

14" x 20"

The sun doesn't always shine bright and warm. Sometimes the wind blows harsh and cold and the snow swirls and stings. It might be easier to stay in bed but we don't. We continue to work, create, shop, go to school and carry on. We are sprung from the sea, the rock, the land. We may suffer from erosion on occasion but we always keep going forward.


9" x 12"

This is simply too embarrassing to write about!

Checkered House Christmas

16" x 24"

The Checkered House really did exist. In fact it was only about 3 miles from our house here in Eagle Bridge. Grandma Moses painted several Checkered House paintings and no wonder; the colors, subject and countryside make for a cheery and lively painting.

Checkered House Moon

16" x 20"

It's Christmas Eve and the carolers are in good spirits and excellent harmony. Just over Oak Hill you can make out Old Saint Nick himself sailing down the valley with his sleigh brimming with toys. Christmas comes but once a year and I have always looked forward to it. When I was little my grandfather told me if I cut the toe out of my Christmas stocking, Santa Claus would keep putting presents in trying to fill it. I did - my mother was not happy!

Christmas Cove

19" x 15"

...a place where we can all still believe.

Christmas Eve Service

7 1/2" x 12"

The moon is full and Christmas Eve Service has just finished up. Heading home with thoughts of a warm bed and visions of sugar plums dancing about in your head, you spy from the corner of your eye, jolly old St. Nick as he skirts over the tree tops. All in all, a night to remember.