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Blustery Day

14" x 20"

The sun doesn't always shine bright and warm. Sometimes the wind blows harsh and cold and the snow swirls and stings. It might be easier to stay in bed but we don't. We continue to work, create, shop, go to school and carry on. We are sprung from the sea, the rock, the land. We may suffer from erosion on occasion but we always keep going forward.

Christmas Cove

19" x 15"

...a place where we can all still believe.

Crone's Cottage In Winter

13" x 17"

Appreciation, respect and understanding of the natural world is the work of the Crone. It can be risky too, as they sometimes run afoul of members from the more traditional and scientific community.

Lighthouse Point

18" x 13"

I like the sea, I have no idea why, I just do. So, every now and then I paint a picture just to indulge this particular fancy.

Port Moonbeam - Print

16" x 24"

The moon has a powerful impact on the tides and people. No telling what sort of mischief folks around Port Moonbeam will get up to when the moon is full.