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Balloons Over The Cambridge Valley

18" x 14"

This image was originally painted as a commemorative poster for the first annual Cambridge Valley Balloon Festival, held in June of each year. I have had so many people ask for it, that I decided to release it as a limited edition fine art print.

Butterfly Meadow

15" x 18 1/2"

Nothing is more earthy and childlike than catching butterflies on a fine summer day! Put down the iPhone, get outside and enjoy the day.

Crack-Up Corner

13" x 18"

High spirited boys, old bicycles, and a steep curvy road with chickens at the bottom, you just know there is going to be trouble at Crack-Up Corner.

Down In The Valley

16" x 20"

Down in the valley you can hear the old saw mill sing and smell the fresh sawn lumber as it is stacked. In the millpond there lurks more than one lunker and over on the lawn, cats, kittens, and little girls are having a time of it - deciding - just who is in charge. Down in the valley is not a bad place to be!

Family Reunion

16" x 22"

We seem to be living in a time when perhaps, we tend to think more about families and friends. Maybe it wouldn’t be such a bad idea to have a family reunion. They don’t always work out and somebody usually goes away mad but then again, it is family we are dealing with, so we probably should consider this a complete success!

Firefly Dance - Print

14" x 16"

Rosen up the bow and kick up your heels at The Firefly Dance. Dancing is OK but in my opinion, chasing fireflies is better. There is much less pressure to perform to high expectations. When I was a kid, we would catch lightning bugs in the late summer evenings, then lay in the grass and watch for stars.

Fox And Geese

14" x 20"

Fox and Geese is a pleasant and cheery old time quilt pattern. However, in the animal kingdom, incompatible personalities are certain to make the feathers fly.

Graduation Day

8" x 20"

Graduation day is always a milestone and I can imagine what a big day it was for this old country school, especially with the photographer on hand to immortalize the day.

Gypsy Circus - Print

17" x 24"

The great tradition of the circus... When I was a kid there was the fair and there was the circus and that was just about the highlight of the summer that we looked forward to each year. I can well remember the circus when it came to a nearby town and my father would take us down to see the great show. There was shooting, knife throwing, fire eaters and high wire acts. It was fantastic! What I remember best, was one summer the elephants got loose overnight and got in the local gardens. As I recall, cabbage was the favorite crop to loot. I don't recall if the Gypsy people were a big part of these particular shows or not but I do remember the Gypsies traveling through the area in their colorful caravans, drawn by fine horses, making small encampments as they went on their way to who knows where. It was a different time. Somehow I think we have lost a lot of color from our lives.

Happy Birthday

20" x 18"

Everyone deserves a day to call their own. A day with cake, ice cream, friends, horns and drums. A day just for you! So, Happy Birthday to you with many more to come.

Haymaker's Moon

15" x 20"

Warmed by the light of the moon
And stoked by the heat of passion,
Lunar love smolders a smoky glow
That never will be found out of fashion. (Anon.)

Hometown Jubilee

18" x 26"

Take part in the celebration of Hometown America. The good, the bad, the funny and the unfortunate, the lucky and not so lucky. All the rhymes and rhythms that makes growing up in a small town with real character, worth remembering.

Little Friends

8" x 10"

Childhood friends are the special friends that stay with us through our lives.

Look Out For Mr. Stork

10" x 12"

Here is the straight poop on having babies; its a snap and they are hardly any work at all, really, the stork does most of the hard stuff - honest.

Market Day

18" x 20"

Before Wal-Mart there used to be small towns with vibrant town centers where people knew their neighbors and on market day, folks would even come together and buy or trade things made right here in this country. Hand made products like fresh preserves, produce, quilts and furniture were available, even food on the hoof. Sometimes it's hard to see all the progress we have made.

Port Moonbeam - Print

16" x 24"

The moon has a powerful impact on the tides and people. No telling what sort of mischief folks around Port Moonbeam will get up to when the moon is full.

Raise The Alarm

All are open editions.

Red Moon Rising

16" x 20"

The full moon brings a season of new opportunity, harmony, hope and prosperity, which sounds like a pretty good idea!

School Daze

10" x 12"

School is an experience we all share. Some of us liked it and some of us didn’t. Either way, the memories are vivid, and most likely everyone can remember a day about like the one in School Daze, when the day just didn’t go as planned!

South Sea Expedition

7" x 9"

*Less than 1/3 of the edition remaining.

Springtime In Bullfrog Hollow

22" x 24"

Spring in the country is a wonderful thing. The new leaves are out, the earth is warming up and the landscape is at its most varied. A great time to travel, see the sights. And just for the fun of it, tour up through the Hollow some spring day and listen to the croaking bullfrogs telling jokes...gems such as; “What kind of shoes do frogs wear? - Open toad, naturally!” or “Waiter...Waiter...Do you have frog legs? - No!...I just walk this way!” Bullfrog Hollow is a very funny place.

Springtime In New England

All are open editions.

Summer Breeze

14" x 26"

It's been one heck of a year! Take a break and recharge at the beach! Relax, catch some sun and let the summer breeze take you away.

Sunflower Bay

17 1/2" x 15 1/2"

17 1/2" x 15 1/2"

Well, who doesn't like sunflowers? A field of sunflowers is mesmerizing. Almost every gardener grows a few sunflowers for the birds but sunflowers are an important farm crop, yielding valuable oils and feed and best of all, sunflowers are beautiful. From the smallest, to the biggest and silliest flowers, they are some of my favorites!

Take Me Down To The Water

10" x 12"

Take me down to the water and baptize me in the old fashioned way. Well I can't promise you that this print will keep you from a life of sin or redeem you from your sins, but then again, it can't hurt - so you decide!

Take Me Out To The Ballgame

18" x 26"

"Take Me Out To The Ball Game" - whether you are in the city or the country there never was a better way to spend a summer day than to watch the hometown heroes battle with the brutes from away. Peanuts, popcorn, and Cracker-Jacks, the old ball game is about as American as you can get.

The Old Landing Strip

16" x 22"

The wind in your hair and the bugs in your teeth! Wouldn't it be great to fly in one of these wonderful old planes?

The Old Rugged Course

12" x 12"

I confess that I am not much of a golfer, (just not enough time.) However, I think the old rustic courses of Scotland would have the greatest appeal to me as they seem to offer the greatest challenge and potential for an all around good time as well as close proximity to the national beverage. Who wouldn't enjoy a rousing good-natured game on a course where livestock are obstacles? Other than the occasional encounter with a cow pie, I think it would be a great day out.

The River Of Life

16" x 28"

(Moses goes philosophical) Life is a journey and while everyone's life is different, we all share many similar high points and low points, joys and sorrows, victories and defeats. And like the river of life, our lives continue to flow on regardless, sometimes within the banks and sometimes not. Maybe the best we can do is learn to appreciate the good times and become stronger from the lessons of the bad times. Because the way I see it, when you're dead, you are likely to be that way for a long time. So, cheer up and get going while you still can and remember to collect art along the way!

Trout Fishing In Vermont

18" x 24"

My father always took us trout fishing in Vermont. He loved to fish and could catch more fish than anybody ever had a right to. Fishing in Vermont was just about his most favorite thing to do, so I guess this one is for him.

Visiting Grandma

14" x 12"

Nothing was ever more fun than a day at Grandma's house!

Wedding In The Hills - Serigraph

14" x 20"

Some people get real serious about weddings and spend an awful lot of money putting them on. Lighten up! You’re still going to have surprises and even some “Issues.” Moses says, “save your money and use it to buy art for your new home.”