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Celtic Wedding

10" x 14"

What can I say? Perhaps I am still a romantic. In any event, I am almost certain plaid is my favorite color and once in a while I do a painting for myself!

The River Of Life

16" x 28"

(Moses goes philosophical) Life is a journey and while everyone's life is different, we all share many similar high points and low points, joys and sorrows, victories and defeats. And like the river of life, our lives continue to flow on regardless, sometimes within the banks and sometimes not. Maybe the best we can do is learn to appreciate the good times and become stronger from the lessons of the bad times. Because the way I see it, when you're dead, you are likely to be that way for a long time. So, cheer up and get going while you still can and remember to collect art along the way!

Wedding In The Hills - Serigraph

14" x 20"

Some people get real serious about weddings and spend an awful lot of money putting them on. Lighten up! You’re still going to have surprises and even some “Issues.” Moses says, “save your money and use it to buy art for your new home.”